Who We Are and What We Do?

SG Aqua Services & Technologies specialises in providing Consultancy services to small & medium companies for Value added Services in Marketing, Business development, market intelligence, Value based Market segmentation, Strategy development for improved profitability & Implementation.

Our 25 years professional experience using the time tested TQM strategies helps us focus on with Sustainability & Environmental concerns on priority.

We specialise in water treatment technology products used in Domestic & Industrial waters; Chemicals, Ion Exchange resins & reverse osmosis membranes. Purifications, Recovery & Reuse of precious metals is our primary theme.

We recommend, stock and supply products manufactured by well reputed manufacturers known for their quality products and having established performance history. We commit ourselves to deal with products manufactured using well documented Quality Management Systems, Environmental Management Systems and the Occupational & Health Management Systems and full commitment to Customers.

We believe in Total Quality Management Philosophy and effectively use Root Cause Analysis and other TQM techniques for searching & inventing New solutions.

We firmly believe in "Customer is the very reason for our existence" philosophy with "From Customer Satisfaction to Customer Delight" as our Business Goal.

Its our commitment to Minimum Carbon Footprint to ensure truly Sustainable Future !!

SG AQUA Services & Technologies Ltd., a Company registered in England & Wales, Registration No. 8749304.

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