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Natural water supplies contain dissolved salts, which dissociate in water to form charged particles called ions. These ions are usually present in relatively low concentrations. The presence of some of these ions lead to problems for applications such as in heating systems, steam generation etc. and hence are termed as ionic impurities. The commonly encountered ions in water include the positively charged cations, namely Calcium, Magnesium and Sodium. The negatively charged anions include the alkalinity, sulfates, chlorides and Silica, Nitrates, etc.

Ion Exchange resins are well suited for removal of these impurities for the following reasons:
• Resins have a very high capacity to remove ions in low concentrations.
• Resins are most stable and readily regenerated.
• Resins are stable over a wide range of commonly applicable temperatures.
• The process is suitable for both large and small installations.
• The process is reversible & hence sustainable for longer durations.

Ion Exchange Resins are generally insoluble polymeric materials manufactured using suspension polymerization with Styrene and Di Vinyl Benzene (DVB) or Acrylics & carry ion exchangeable functional groups.

These ions can be exchanged with stoichiometric equivalent amount of ions of the same charge. Carrier's of exchangeable cations are called Cation exchangers and that for anions are called Anion exchangers.


Applications of Ion Exchange Resins

Water Treatment

• Softening

• De-alkalisation

• Demineralisation

• Mixed Bed resins

• Condensate Polishing

• Nuclear Industry

Food Applications

• Household Softening

• Cartridges

• Sugar Deashing

• Sugar Decolourisation

• Glucose / Sweeteners

• Gelatine

• Lysine

• Fruit Juice DE bittering

Special Process Applications

• Chelating Resins

• Catalysis

• Adsorbent Resins

• Pharmaceutical Grades

• Investment Casting

• Biotechnology

• Precious Metals

• Waste Management

Benefits of Using Ion Exchange Resins

Use of right quality ion exchange resins designed using maximum possible available data and optimised regenerate usage ensures Saving on cost of chemicals used, preserve natural resources and reduce carbon footprints for sustainable future.

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