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Water is a precious natural resource depleting at faster rate than ever before and if it is not preserved, we will shortly run out of it.

Every little helps in ensuring truly sustainable future!

Ion Exchange India (IEI) pioneered water treatment in India and is today the country's premier company in water and environment management, with a strong international presence. Formed in 1964, as a subsidiary of the Permutit Company of UK, IEI became a wholly Indian company in 1985 when Permutit divested their holding. They currently employ 1,000 people - multi-disciplinary teams of highly experienced professional managers, technologists and scientists, supported by a widespread infrastructure in India and abroad.

IEI has a sustained focus on:
• Technological advancement through R&D & innovation owning several patents.
• Affiliations with the best specialist water treatment companies internationally.
• Human resource development - melding technology with people trained to manage it responsibly.

Above all, commitment to customer care, that goes far beyond the sale. Technical service support is a key component of IEI's solutions bouquet and their service network is the largest in the Indian water treatment industry. In its 40 years of experience, the company has provided installations for diverse industries in India and abroad, from nuclear and thermal power, fertiliser and refinery, to automobile, electronics and textile. The company has an indepth understanding and knowledge of the Indian market as well as of the cultural patterns prevailing particularly in South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East. Exports of equipment, ion exchange resins, membranes and water treatment chemicals to Japan, South East Asia, USA, Europe, Africa, Egypt, Middle East, Russia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Mauritius and Sri Lanka.

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SG AQUA Services & technologies Ltd, UK are the UK & European Union representatives of Ion Exchange India Ltd ; an ISO-9001 & 14001 certified company with over 50 years expertise, with FDA approved Pharmaceutical Grade resin manufacturing Unit.

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